A work of horror interactive fiction for EctoComp 2021.

You needed to get away.  So you volunteered to operate a fire lookout tower in the remote wilderness.  You got more than you bargained for.


the_lookout_v7_download.zip 730 kB


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What's the approximate play time again? I didn't time myself when I did it after the meetup, but I'm thinking about an hour total, does that sound right?

Anyway, here's a playlist I put together to accompany the game:


An hour sounds right if your on your first play through and taking your time.

Cool playlist. Can’t wait to check it out!

I've locked the door in the evening of the first day and next morning I couldn't open it.

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Wow, nice bug!  :)

I figured out why.  The next day you are in the bed, and my code only checks if you are in the lookout tower, not in the bed.  To workaround the bug, you just need to get out of bed. I'll update the code to handle that.  

Thanks for the report!